Bad At Being Sick

There are things that have changed as I have got older. I try to save money every time I get paid. I always try to better myself. And I am comfortable about who I am as a person.  Despite this, I still act like a wee girl when I get ill.

I am writing this from my bed, where my body seems to be trying to make me cough up a lung. It has been for the last few weeks. I am just feeling a bit sorry for myself. It’s one of those things where no matter how much medicine I get, the cough doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And it’s one of those things where there is a constant irritation that won’t seem to go away. My breath catches in my irritated throat and I get into a coughing fit. 

Its one of those things that happens every now and then. I guess the weekend ahead is going to be a quiet one. I’ll try and catch up on sleep, and find something to calm down this tickle throat. This is not how I expected my weekends to be when I was younger *sigh*

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