Current Favourites- (BEDA)

I am feeling a bit under the weather, so thought I’d post 5 of my current favourite things. Thinking of things I like, usually helps make me feel better. 

1) Grey’s Anatomy. When this show started, I did watch it and enjoyed it. I recently started paying for NOWtv and the whole series was available. So I have been watching it A LOT. It’s really easy to watch, and can be funny. Really wish I had continued watching it before.

2) Youtube. I watch a lot of Vloggers very regular. And over the years I have built up a playlist of favourite videos. They tend to be retro gaming stuff, songs and general things that makes me laugh. Watching this playlist always makes me feel better.

3) Going for walks. It has been really lovely weather here reccently, perfect for going out for walks. I live near the sea, and love the sound and smell of salty sea air. It also helps me clear my mind. 

4)Putting iPod on shuffle. I like to listen to a range of music, from Metal to Garage, I like everything. So sometimes the range of different bands that are played makes me feel free. I can get lost in the music, and all that matters is what comes through the headphones.

5)Library books. I am a bit of a romantic when it comes to books. When people read books, their brain creates this fantasy world, where the words on the page appear like a movie. With a library book, so many people have went into this fantasy world before you, and they may have seen it so different to you. And I really like that the same words could mean different things to different people. I thinks it’s kind of beautiful. 

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