Harder Than I Thought (BEDA)

Blogging itself is something that I find quite natural. Typing out my thoughts and feelings is something that I find quite simple. My problem can sometimes be when I get a bit of writer’s block, and I struggle to find anything to say. And when that happens, it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of  creating regularly.

That is where BEDA can be a challenge. Keeping myself motivated can be hard, particularly being motivated enough to post every day. I have found it hard this weekend because it has been my birthday weekend, and I have been super busy. You will notice, that I have kind of ‘copped out’ and posted some pictures, because it saved time. But looking at it now, I think that the photos help break the monotony from the written posts. Although I may not have the time, I like that I am still motivated enough to post something. Which is great.

Is there anyone else out there blogging every day this month? How are you finding the challenge of updating every day?

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