Why do people blog? I have explained many times on here, that I blog for personal reasons. I do it to sort out my mind, and help me feel confident about how I feel. And over the years, it has helped a lot with a lot of personal issues I have had, particularly with my depression. I felt that I couldn’t speak about anything, because it was a negative thing to impose on other people. So I blogged, where it was like speaking outloud, and it helped me. For many periods over the last several years, blogging has been the thing which held me together.

It is strange for me to see something, that I view so personally, seen as a career move for so many people. We live in an age where the Internet and content creation are becoming genuine career paths. There are books and magazines telling people how to start a blog and make it profitable. It paints a very simple picture, write about trendy things, get views, make money. But it isn’t that easy, particularly if you are blogging for the soul purpose of making money. If you don’t believe in what you are writing, you aren’t going to make a connection and you will get none of the precious views you seek.

I just don’t get it. This blog is more about documentation and aiding creativity more than anything else. And that’s the way I’ll always see it. It’s always nice if what I say connects with someone, but it doesn’t drive me. The feeling of achievement I have when I have got something off my mind, and into a blog post, is what drives me. It’s a good feeling, and I have to make the most of those. My brain likes to ignore the positivity, so if I find something that makes me feel good, I will keep at it.

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