On The Verge

I have explained before that I have been sick recently. I feel like I am over the worst, but the virus that I had is still lingering. This isn’t the best way to be. I feel like I can get back to normal, but I still have a bit of a fever and my skin is sensitive. This is all means I am back to normal in a working sense, but my body doesn’t like it much.

Times like this make it hard to stay motivated. Because it’s like your mind is willing, but your body isn’t able. It’s frustrating because the things I am trying to do, are leaving me exhausted because I don’t have my normal energy levels. I am trying to just get on with things, but it’s very easy to get frustrated about it. The hard bit is not being to hard on myself for finding normal stuff harder.

All I have to do is get my head down and get on with things. Hopefully I get rid of what’s left of this virus, and can get back normal. I just have to keep busy.

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