What I’m Listening To- August

Because I enjoyed it last time, I have made another list of the music that I have been listening to in August. Just a little bit of everything, and I get to do my favourite thing, make a list. A list about music, my favourite thing. 

1) Adamski- Killer

2)Agnostic Front- Liberty

3)Alex Day- Lady Godiva

4)Alexisonfire- Mailbox Arson

5)All Time Low- Alejandro (BBC 1 live lounge)

6)Annotation of an Autopsy- Sludge City

7)Anti-Flag- Die For Your Government

8)Atomic Kitten- I Want Your Live

9)Avril Lavigne- Losing Grip

10)B*Witched- Jesse Hold On

11)Bad Brains- Re-Ignition

12)The Beat-Tears of a Clown

13)Beatnic Prestige- Charlie Brown

14)Big D And The Kids Table- Not Fucking Around

15)The Blackout- This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

16)Bon Jovi- Wanted Dead Or Alive

17)Care Bears On Fire- Get Over It

18)The Casualties- System Failed Us…Again

19)Circle Jerks- Back Against The Wall

20)The Creepshow- Run For Your Life

21)The Distillers- The World Comes Tumblin’

22)Emilie Autumn- All My Loving

23)Eminem- When I’m Gone

24)Florence & The Machine- Dog Days Are Over

25)Frightened Rabbit- Go Go Girls

26)GBH- The Prayer Of A Realist

27)A Global Threat- Stop The Violence

28)Good Charlotte- The World Is Black

29)Green Day- Jesus Of Suburbia

30)Gwen Stefani- Harajuku Girls

31)H20- Everready

32)Hanson- Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

33)Hollywood Holt- Fall Back

34)Horrorpops- Walk Like A Zombie

35)Jack Off Jill- My Cat

36)Jamie Cullum- Everlasting Love

37)Kilswitch Engage- As Daylight Ends

38)Kisses For Kings- My Mother Said

39)Kittie- Spit

40)Korn- Freak On A Leish

41)Lady Sovereign- I Got You Dancing

42)Lamb of God- Blood Junkie

43)Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards- Mainlining Murder

44)Linkin Park- Enth E Nd (Kutmasta Kurt ft. Motion Man)

45)The Maine- If I Only Had The Heart

46) Marina & The Diamonds- Hollywood

47)Middle Finger Salute- Guts For Glory

48)Mis-Teeq- All I Want

49)The Moldy Peaches-  Anyone Else But You

50)Municipal Waste- Anyone Else But You

51)Nofx- Kill All The White Men

52)Outl4w- Sonic Youth

53)P!nk- Most Girls

54)Papa Roach- Last Resort

55)Paramore- Crushcrushcrush

56)Patti Smith- Redondo Beach

57)The Pretty Reckless- Make Me Wanna Die

58)The Rabble- The New Generation

59)Rancid- Life Won’t Wait

60)The Restarts- Gang Mentality

61)S Club 7- Everybody Wants Ya

62)Selena Gomez & The Scene- Love You Like A Love Song

63)Shakespeare’s Sister- Stay

64)Sham 69- If The Kids Are United

65)Sonic Boom Six- Totally Addicted To Bass

66)Spice Girls- Spice Up Your Life

67)SS-Kaliert- Until We Strike Back

68)Stereophonics- I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio

69)Street Dogs- Hang ‘Em High

70)Sugababes- About You Know

71)Time Again- Street Walker

72)Total Chaos- Vacation To Violation

73)UK Subs- Keep On Running

74)The Unseen- Social Security

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