Stress Levels Rising

I have said before that if you focus on positive things, then good things come to you.

Sometimes, that doesn’t work. And thing after thing throws itself at you. You try to be positive, but events are anything but that. You get told to toughen up, to be stronger and get on with it. But what if you are too tired to keep fighting against the current?

How does one deal with that? How do you stay strong? I fake a smile and tell people I’ll be okay. When in fact, I am so close to the edge my toes are hanging over into oblivion. It feels so tempting to step into that emptiness and leave all my problems behind.

For now I’ll struggle on. Continue crying myself to sleep. Hope that it gets better, and dedicate myself to my life and who I am. And I hopefully will get some strength to get through this.

‘Just smile to the world, don’t let it see how broken you are. Let it know, it will take the chance to break you completely.’

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