Set Your Goals

Things are never easy.

If they were, I guess there would be no real point of anything. You wouldn’t need any effort. I think the driving force through life, is the satisfaction that you get when you reach a target. So if the target wasn’t there, and you just got everything you wanted, would anything get done? I don’t think so. I think people would get lazy, as everything would simply come to them.

It’s a thing that I use to remind myself, when I do struggle with life. That these are there to keep me moving. That’s why a person dreams, to keep them active and motivated to be productive. And that reassures me. It helps me see that everyone else is doing the same thing. Just working towards their own targets that they have set themselves.

The difficulty is, some people make it look easy. But that’s all it is, looking easy. It doesn’t mean that person isn’t having a crap ‘ol time, it means that they do not let it effect them. And if other people see them having things ‘easy’ , then they can say to themselves that it isn’t all bad, and amble forward.

Everyone has different goals, ideas and what they want from life. The secret is to remember yours goals and focus on them. It’s very easy to be distracted by someone who seems to skip through life carelessly, but try not to be concerned about them. And how you become that person who can smile away, despite having an up-road struggle.

Smile! It makes everything that litte bit brighter. 🙂

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