Pirates in the Pride Lands

Saw Lion King in 3D again. I saw it back in June, and saw it yesterday. Lion King in the cinema is just something I need to see, as many times as possible.

In the craving of the old Lion King game for the Sega Mega Drive, I had a look to find videos (and ROMs *cough*) so that I could get my fix. The original game is there. In all it’s glory. And I am still as crap at it, as I ever was.
Then, there is The Lion King 2, 3 and 5 (don’t know where 4 went)
Really strange pirate games with even stranger sprites.

2 has a weird thing where you start of as cub Simba, get a power-up you become adult Simba. Get hit by an enemy, you shrink back into cub Simba. Very strange music, which I think has been taken from some Street Fighter pirates I saw a few years ago.

3 is just a trip and a half, no drugs needed. The music. The music is a jumpy MIDI mess of a constantly jamming music file, which is taken from the original game. -.- Actually muted the game, before I got a migraine. You can be either cub Simba or adult Simba, and well… it is strange. The levels are all from other, more official, games, with one looking very similar to an old Jungle Book level. And the end? Well, at the end Simba fights a tiger. Says it all really.

5? Is actually better than 3. The characters seem original, were the sprites in the last 2 seem badly ported from the original, licensed game. The music is back to being a random MIDI, probably stolen from some other pirated game. And your playable characters are Simba, Timon or Pumbaa. The thing that messed me up on this game, are actually the most fucked-up Game Over screens I have ever seen.

Pumbaa, kills himself by throwing himself into a boiling pot.
Timon, well, he buries himself, I guess he is also killing himself. Nice.
And Simba. One of the characters of my childhood. Well, Simba hangs himself. Seriously. Noose and everything.

Seriously, Simba hanging himself is now stuck in my brain. So I felt I would share, seeing as I can’t sleep. I am blaming these games.
If you are curious, search on YouTube for Lion King Pirate games. And be scarred for life too.

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