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I was going to write a post whining about why I haven’t been posting recently. But that is something that gets very boring, very quickly. I have been spending my alone time getting re-aquianted with my Xbox. So I have … Continue reading

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Technological Clearout

I have been feeling a bit bogged down when I have been trying to use my computer and iPad. They are both filled up with gimmicky games and apps that I don’t really use anymore. Some of them have only … Continue reading

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Sleepy, no sleep.

Because of the wonderful cough which is ruling my life at the moment, I am not sleeping too good. So, I thought I’d post a we list of the things I do, to pass the time during the twilight hours.  … Continue reading

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Gamer Fail

As you hopefully see, I posted a review for the movie Remembering Sunday earlier this week. This review thing was something I planned to do a while ago. Do game, movie and music reviews. Which sounds awesome, something a little … Continue reading

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Little Things

Sometimes little things are what makes a difference. Sometimes it can feel that life is throwing you a tidbit, that it knows that something so insignificant can make you happier. Today that’s what it feels like, anyway. I rent movies … Continue reading

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Pirates in the Pride Lands

Saw Lion King in 3D again. I saw it back in June, and saw it yesterday. Lion King in the cinema is just something I need to see, as many times as possible. In the craving of the old Lion … Continue reading

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Website-World of Spectrum

http://worldofspectrum.org Remember the simpler days of computer games? Want to revert back to the games of the 80s and early 90s. Well visit this, offically endorsed, site dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This site includes thousands of Spectrum games, … Continue reading

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