Casual Gamer

I have always enjoyed playing computer games. I like platform and racing games. I like games I can dip in and out of, without getting lost about where I am. I need a game that isn’t too complex. Mostly because my attention span is really bad, so there are times where I will leave a game for weeks at a time.

I remember my first console was the Game Boy. I played Mario, Kirby, games that were easy platformers. There was no saving, sometimes there would be a code for a level, but normally when your character died, you had to start again. The games were made to pick up and play time and time again. This suits my wondering mind. Games these days, tend to be focused on a person committing hours of gameplay. Which isn’t good for me. It means I don’t ever get very far in games.

Animal Crossing is an example of a fairly modern game, that I can play. My progress is slow, but a player is incentivised to play a little every day. And that works fine by me. I am also finding that because I am at home more, I am playing more. Animal Crossing is about a person living with cartoon-like animals, something young me used to imagine about.

I bought my Nintendo Switch last year, and these last few weeks are probably the most I’ve played it. Other games I have on it are Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. I also like playing the old Nintendo games like Mario from the SNES.

I don’t really like playing games on my phone. I own an Xbox (which I am using to watch Masterchef) as well, the games played most are Crash Bandicoot and GTA. I think GTA is the only modern franchise that I play, but I believe it’s because it’s quite episodic, and you can play short missions. Which makes it strange that I don’t like mobile games, because they are made to be played for short times.


I was going to write a post whining about why I haven’t been posting recently. But that is something that gets very boring, very quickly.

I have been spending my alone time getting re-aquianted with my Xbox. So I have been dying during Naruto Ninja Storm 4 and getting stuck in Yooka-Laylee. I have a very short attention span when it comes to games. I love playing them, but I get bored very quickly. Which is why, unless it is a game series I love, I will not pay full release price for a game. My favourite kind of games, usually revolves around fighting, platforming or racing. Games that usually have short events or levels, where I can progress through the game slowly.

I can’t see myself every paying £50 for a single game. In fact, I have noticed, that games, like many other things, are cheaper in other shops. Something that has been made more apparent, by the need for supermarket chains and Amazon to stock EVERYTHING. It means that whilst game specialists, like GAME, sell stuff for the RRP, Tesco’s sells the same game for (sometimes) £15-20 cheaper. Which is a lot of money. So many companies seem set on becoming a one-stop-shop, where you can get anything. You can order groceries through Amazon’s Alexa, and the stuff comes right to your door. It makes it so easy to be lazy, and just get everything together. It is less hassle. But, if it is something you really want, for yourself or a gift, then shop around. Check Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Argos, Amazon, GAME… there are so many options.

Is there any games I would like, in the future? Well the Naruto Ninja Storm saga is getting a full HD release, which looks cool. Because I never got the original games. And then Naruto Strikers which looks like a team fighting game. There is the South Park fighting game coming out at some point, which I am keen on getting as Stick of Truth was pretty great. I think the one game I would go all out for would be a proper console remake (or even re-release) of Road Rash. I mean online races, where you can just smack that player who cut you off, with a chain. I would love a new version of that game, but it doesn’t even pop up on the Mega Drive compilations. It makes me a sad panda.

I don’t get a lot of RPG games, I just struggle investing the time required to get anywhere in these stories. Zelda and the OG Pokemon games are probably the only RPG’s I can kind of play. I also have a low tolerance for first person shooters… well not all, just some. I like Gears of War, but can’t be doing with Call of Duty.  My problem is, that there is zero learning curve for playing online. Last time I played CoD online, I sucked, and got so much shit for it. That’s not why I play computer games, I play to relax.

Technological Clearout

I have been feeling a bit bogged down when I have been trying to use my computer and iPad. They are both filled up with gimmicky games and apps that I don’t really use anymore. Some of them have only been used once or twice. And they just, make it a pain to use the device they are installed on.

Now, when it comes to apps and games, whether on my iPhone or through my Steam account, I always end up going to the free games and apps. The stuff that advertises other games every time you lose a life. Or that runs so slowly, it completely ruins the user experience. What is the point of a note-taking app, that asks you to sign up for the premium version, every time you make a note. It frustrates me A LOT. So, I end up downloading other apps, to replace the app which is getting on my nerves. And this pattern could go on, and on. And it means that, much like my bookshelves, my devices start to run out of space thanks to all these unnecessary things installed.

So, today, I deleted a ton of old applications of both my laptop and my iPad. Something that I have been needing to do, particularly on my ipad, which had apps going on for 10 pages. Yes. I actually downloaded that much crap, and I would be lucky to use even half of them. So, the games that annoyed me with adverts, or crashing, I deleted. I put the games I like into folders, and made my front page full of the apps that I actually use the most. Which, is mostly social media apps. I do like my social media.

The result is, that I feel like I have new devices. They run smoother, and everything is so much easier to find. Part of me knows, that within a few weeks, things will start to pile up again, but maybe I can keep on top of it. App hoarding isn’t healthy, for you or your device. As a person, it is always good to let go of the stuff that you no longer use, out of your life. Help yourself be more organised.

Sleepy, no sleep.

Because of the wonderful cough which is ruling my life at the moment, I am not sleeping too good. So, I thought I’d post a we list of the things I do, to pass the time during the twilight hours. 

1. Watch TV in the dark.

2. Do a little drawing/ colouring

3. Lay back with headphones on listening to an album I haven’t heard in a long time.

4. Watch yet another episode of Pretty Little Liars- I will catch up one day.

5. Play Bejewelled on my phone. 

6. Play Mario Kart on 3DS. 

7. Throw 3DS across my bed because I fell off Rainbow Road for the umpteenth time.

8. Write in my journal. My paper journal. 

9. Try to tidy up, without waking up the rest of the house.

10. Catch up on some reading. 

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Cause we all have those nights where we see in every hour. 

Gamer Fail

As you hopefully see, I posted a review for the movie Remembering Sunday earlier this week. This review thing was something I planned to do a while ago. Do game, movie and music reviews. Which sounds awesome, something a little different on this here blog. So far gaming is the biggest fail on the list. Why? Because for the amount of hours I spend playing games, I suck at them all. I never complete games, I usually get stuck at a stupidly early level and give up.

But that isn’t all. I refuse to spend absurd amounts of money on computer games, as they are awful expensive. And on top of that, it takes me so long to make any progress in games, I refuse to spend stupid money on one. Sometimes. I am guilty of trading in my old 3DS for a 3DS XL, because the XL felt better in my hands. Not so flimsy, if that makes sense. So that I feel was a valid reason for upgrading, particularly because I drop stuff A LOT, and the normal 3DS seemed very breakable. There is a joke being made by a friend, that if I am so nervous about a console with hinges, I should buy a 2DS.

I mostly play games on my iphone, 3DS and Xbox 360. So, the original plan was to download a game weekly, and review it on here. Except I have a habit of purchasing old games, and some new ones. For instance South Park: Stick of Truth(2014) is in my Xbox, Super Mario: Sticker Star (2012) is in my 3DS. I get stuck so easy, so it would maybe end up ‘this level was okay, till I couldn’t get such and such to open the next level’. Which is how it happens regularly. But the ‘bad gamer’ might become a thing, as it doesn’t promise anything, other than being bad at games. Bad at outdated games.

Maybe I’ll just go play old 90s Sonic and review that. I actually completed that game. 🙂

Little Things

Sometimes little things are what makes a difference. Sometimes it can feel that life is throwing you a tidbit, that it knows that something so insignificant can make you happier. Today that’s what it feels like, anyway.

I rent movies and games through a site called LoveFilm. It is primarily there to rent DVDs and stream them online. But I use it to rent games. I don’t buy a lot of games, because I am so awful. I don’t have the patience to play a game for hours and hours. I get bored. So I get 2 or 3 games at a time, and can send them back when done.

It’s simple, and I think it’s a worthy distraction from my current life. Lose myself in a game, and forget what is happening. That’s why movies, music, books and games are so popular, in my opinion, because they provide a distraction. And distraction, is sometimes all we need.

Pirates in the Pride Lands

Saw Lion King in 3D again. I saw it back in June, and saw it yesterday. Lion King in the cinema is just something I need to see, as many times as possible.

In the craving of the old Lion King game for the Sega Mega Drive, I had a look to find videos (and ROMs *cough*) so that I could get my fix. The original game is there. In all it’s glory. And I am still as crap at it, as I ever was.
Then, there is The Lion King 2, 3 and 5 (don’t know where 4 went)
Really strange pirate games with even stranger sprites.

2 has a weird thing where you start of as cub Simba, get a power-up you become adult Simba. Get hit by an enemy, you shrink back into cub Simba. Very strange music, which I think has been taken from some Street Fighter pirates I saw a few years ago.

3 is just a trip and a half, no drugs needed. The music. The music is a jumpy MIDI mess of a constantly jamming music file, which is taken from the original game. -.- Actually muted the game, before I got a migraine. You can be either cub Simba or adult Simba, and well… it is strange. The levels are all from other, more official, games, with one looking very similar to an old Jungle Book level. And the end? Well, at the end Simba fights a tiger. Says it all really.

5? Is actually better than 3. The characters seem original, were the sprites in the last 2 seem badly ported from the original, licensed game. The music is back to being a random MIDI, probably stolen from some other pirated game. And your playable characters are Simba, Timon or Pumbaa. The thing that messed me up on this game, are actually the most fucked-up Game Over screens I have ever seen.

Pumbaa, kills himself by throwing himself into a boiling pot.
Timon, well, he buries himself, I guess he is also killing himself. Nice.
And Simba. One of the characters of my childhood. Well, Simba hangs himself. Seriously. Noose and everything.

Seriously, Simba hanging himself is now stuck in my brain. So I felt I would share, seeing as I can’t sleep. I am blaming these games.
If you are curious, search on YouTube for Lion King Pirate games. And be scarred for life too.

Website-World of Spectrum

Remember the simpler days of computer games? Want to revert back to the games of the 80s and early 90s. Well visit this, offically endorsed, site dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

This site includes thousands of Spectrum games, that will transport any gamer back to the age where computer games were simpler. It is something that will make geeks of a certain age well-up in nostalgia.

As well as ROMs for the majority of games listed on the site, there is also a huge library of magazine and package scans. Everything, even the sites retro design takes you back in time. And if you have the time, you can also help out by collecting information for the archives. They always need people to collect instructions and scans for a variety of games.

If you have a fondness for computer games and their history, I urge you to visit this site and just enjoy it.