Happy July

I feel like July should be celebrated for a few reasons.

1) It’s closer to my holidays, and much needed time off work. It feels as though the end is actually in sight. I am actually on holiday the first 2 weeks in August, and am beginning to countdown. This year I am spending another week in Blackpool, for Rebellion punk festival. It really is the highlight of my year, and I am so excited to go.

2) The weather is getting nicer. Yes, even in Scotland, the land of perma-rain, there is a notable improvement in the number of hours we get sunshine. And it isn’t the sun hiding behind a clump of grey clouds, it is blue skies and actual warmth. It’s the kind of weather where I could easily sit outside with a few beers and some good music.

3) Every month, nay every day should be welcomed with open arms. Not everyone gets to enjoy the freedoms that we do, so I feel we should take a moment and be grateful. If you do, and look at the things that make you happy, you will be a happier person as your mind will be in that mindset. So if you read this, do something that makes you happy. Yes work may suck, but do something fun outside of work that makes you smile.

You will notice that the person of the last few entries is a much happier person of past blogs. This is a mixture of reasons, one which is the nice weather. I am sure sunshine benefits everyone in that way, as it just makes everything seem so much happier in general.

I have also went into work with the idea that I will kick its ass. Basically, head down and focus on what I need to do. Basically forcing myself out of the lethargy I seemed so comfortable in. The best thing is, that I can see results, both in my productivity in work and my general attitude.

So doing what I do best and sharing, because good moods are contagious. So give in to summer, and go have yourself a wonderful first of July.


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