Saying Goodbye Is Refreshing

If a person feels a little bad about life, and a bit undecided about their place in life, a good thing to do is a bit of a clean out. When I say ‘clean out’ I mean getting rid of actual possessions.

A big thing is to throw out a lot of clutter that has been gathered over the past few years. The big part where I need to ‘revitalise’ is my closet. Mostly because I have a lot of old band shirts and hoodies that I don’t wear, and haven’t worn in years. So I bit the bullet, and decided that if I haven’t worn something in the last year, it is gone. Hence the almost two bin bags filled with clothes. That is clothes that has been taking up space, when I have no intention of using them. It’s the same with books. I have a lot of comic books that I no longer read, that would maybe be enjoyed by someone else. So, going to try and get rid of a lot of it.

And to be honest, organising everything is very motivating. It is giving me a lot of perspective, and letting me say goodbye to the person I used to be. I am not the girl who still mopes around in a Slipknot hoodie. I am more about buying basic clothes, like shirts and customising them. It gives me clothes which are unique, and seem to match my ethos a lot better. I mean, a shirt that has bleach on it from dying my hair, and putting more bleach on it, so it looks a bit more balanced. People buy clothing which has been ‘man handled’ by someone else, because they think it seems original. Buy cheaper jeans and customise them yourself.

I feel for once in my life, my clothing effects me, and it looks happier. It shows a girl who is no longer afraid of her figure. I am proud of who I have become as an adult, and I feel that my fashion sense should convey that. I am finding that having things which brings up thoughts of the unhappy person, is still making me sad. So if I get rid a lot of these bad memories, like cleaning away the cobwebs, I am sure things will start to look up.

Yes, I will always wear band shirts and jeans, but I hope to be a bit more ‘me’ with it all.

Self-expression for the win!!

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