Creativity Waves

I don’t know about other people, but I am the kind of person that struggles to keep inspired all day. I go through waves of motivation. There can be little spurts during the day, where I will punch the air dramatically and do something of any worth.

Usually it happens in the morning, where I get up (if I get up) and I feel all motivated. The second time, where I do most work and things, is at night after work. Bare in mind I finish work at 11pm. By the time I get home, and get all fed, I am sitting at 1am twiddling my thumbs. This is where I find I am most creative. I read, draw and write (obviously).

I think I like that everyone else is asleep. I find something really calming about that. Kind of like I am the only one in the world, and it is all for me. *coughs* Or something equally crazy.  I just find it a good time to take stock and do something productive. My friend things it is nothing but rebellion. Like I don’t do things when I am supposed to, I live by my own rules. Because every rebel sits up past 2am drawing ponies and writing blogs. -.-

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