The Unpopular Opinion

I am preparing myself for a lynch mob over this, but I need to say something.

This morning I woke up to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. The target for the Allied forces, their goal, had been achieved. The world’s most wanted man is dead. The news resulted in images broadcast around the world of people celebrating. And that unsettled me.

Why would the death of a mass-murder upset me? Well, at the end of the day, no matter how messed up he was, he was still a man. Still someone’s son. Still someone’s father. Still a human being. I’m sure all of us sitting in the Western world, like to think we are more civilised than the Taliban or whatever, but are we really? Our troups killed THOUSANDS of innocents just to get to one man. Hundreds of our own countrymen were killed trying to get this one man. Does that sound civilised to you? Are we really the ‘good side’?

It is easy to paint the West as the bad side, because, to be honest we seem to do a good job of it ourselves. The leaders spout that this is for the good of the world, that we are closer to having peace. No! We are nowhere near fixing anything. As long as the human race believes in ‘getting their own back’ on others, then no, there will never be peace. You blow up two office buildings in America, we will destroy entire towns with our bombs. That is not how you bring about peace.

To be honest, it really got to me, to see people celebrate the death of a man. Are people really that stupid? I don’t care who it was, or what he did, but having a party because someone died is disgusting. It makes you no better than them who have parties because their bomb plot was a success. It makes the West NO DIFFERENT to the Middle East. We enjoy the death of our enemies. Don’t deny it, because it’s the truth.

It started with Saddam Hussein, where his death was as praised as the recent Royal Wedding. And people celebrated because our armed forces killed a man. And since then, the target was Bin Laden, and people have waited for the day he’d be another trophy of oil-hungry war. And now he is, except this trophy is at the bottom of the ocean. To stop people using Bin Laden’s body as a shrine.

And now, we are about to get the aftermath. You killed your target, now deal with the consequences. Every Westerner is at risk, because we all represent the world that praised the death of Bin Laden. The man who wanted his own people to stand up and be counted. The man who wanted Western oil companies to give the land back to the natives. It doesn’t sound so foreign, so evil, when you look at it away from the misguidance of the press. The press has a duty, as propaganda for whatever the government in power decides to do. The UK press, although showed Bin Laden, were not as jubilant as they were with Hussein. It is maybe because they know, the ball is no longer in our court. This is going to lead to some serious retaliation. This is going to lead to the death of more innocents. The UK press seemed to meet the issue of Bin Laden’s death in a sombre fashion. As if, everyone is thinking ‘what now’.

For the record, I don’t blame troups. I have a brother in the army, and I know that if he were to go to war, they go to help people. They go with the idea to make things better. It is the men in power who send our troups over, to do their dealings. The army should be used to protect its perspective country, not start endless wars in other countries. *sigh*

This has come out as a muddle, but I have said what I wanted to say. I don’t EVER think a death should be celebrated, I don’t give a fuck who it is.

“People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.”- Abigail Van Buren

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