Blog Filled Gap

Why are blogging sites only used when people ‘remodel their website’?

Now obviously, this is not the case for most people who spend time learning how to blog and actually get something out of doing so. This goes to the people who use blog sites for nothing more as a stop-gap, till they get their new website up. Now, there actually isn’t really wrong with this, but as someone who considers herself a blogger, I find it insulting.

Why should I feel insulted? Because it feels like the person doing so, doesn’t care enough to write a proper blog. They don’t think of a site, such as Blogger or LiveJournal, as anymore as a temporary space. But why? Why use a blog site when you obviously have no idea of how to actually use one? Its because it is free, because it is worthless. And that is what it comes across as, like you don’t care.

What will a client think, when they see that the only time you updated your ‘blog’ was that one post when you opened the account, and a new one saying that you are going to use it now whilst re-designing. Of course, you need the mandatory 5 posts a day, to make the blog look active, and pretend you actually use the thing. But after a few days you’ll get bored, and you won’t even share a sentence, never mind a few of your thoughts.

And if you can’t even update something that costs you nothing, what’s saying you’ll deliver on something you are paid to do? You obviously aren’t as passionate about the internet as you so claim, are you? That’s what a client will think.

If you do use a blog, or even think you are going to use it for anything to do with business, then update it. Even if you are going to do it once a week. It is something. And shows you have long term interest in things, that you don’t get distracted. Also, don’t underestimate the power of opinion. If you wax lyrical about a particular topic, and are passionate, people will listen. The thoughts in your head are what will REALLY sell you, not some pixels shaped into a website. If you can convey those thoughts well, people will approach you for work. Trust me. That’s how I get a lot of work.

Felt like writing this after seeing 6 people I know doing this in one day. I think highly of blogging, so got a bit upset. :S

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