Not as bad as I thought

So birthday was rather fun yesterday.

Ok, most of the day was spent sitting around doing nothing. (I tell myself I was chilling out, because it makes the nothing seem like it is an actual activity.) I got a new pair of jammies a new iPod dock, seeing as I broke my old one. -.- I have a tendency for breaking things, sometimes I think it is the only thing I am able to ‘do well’.

And then I come to one of the few good things about Facebook, it reminds everyone of your birthday.  Which one hand leads to lots of empty ‘happy birthdays’, but on the other hand, it makes you feel good that people actually think enough to wish you a happy birthday. It’s nice. that someone did think of you, even if it was just for the 10 or so seconds it took them to type a message on your Facebook wall. So it made me happy, and also made me feel a little bit loved.

I have to say, I was a giggly fangirl when this came through:

And if you know me at all, you’ll know how insanely happy and hyper it made me. Seriously was in the middle of writing a movie review for The Eagle (good film, btw) and I just became a mess. I couldn’t focus on anything, so spent what was left of my birthday watching My Little Pony, like the hardcore individual that I am.

And how much do I hate Twitter, that it messed up the PMs so much, that TweetDeck was the only place I could get a decent picture of it. -.- But I swear, I got it on my phone and stared at it for a whole 10 minutes. And then went all…

Anyway, hope people have a great start to the week.

Mood: Hyper

Music: Blink 182- Dumpweed

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