Fighting All Sorts of Battles.

Did the possibly bad thing of purchasing Pokemon Black for the DS. Yes, it is a good game, and the effects and feel of the game is the smoothest yet, but bang goes any chance of me getting any work done.  Saying that, I don’t ever really need an excuse not to work. -.- At the moment I am working towards my first gym badge. I do have to say, the character design for the Pokemon seems to be getting worse. Maybe it’s just because two of the first Pokemon I met, when the game got started where a cat and a dog. Yeah not so impressed with that. But the new feel of the game is enough to make me overlook that.

Also, writing this up on the family computer, as I try to banish the dreaded malware and viruses AGAIN. This is the second time in as many months, the computer has been rendered useless by infections of some sort. What happens is that my mum, dad and sister, who use the computer, don’t seem to realise how to actually look after the thing. In fact, when I check their antivirus, a full scan hasn’t been completed since the last time I fixed the ruddy thing.

I think that there should be some ‘Internet Security for Dummies’ that should be given away with EVERY PC. So that everyone would have the basic knowledge on how to fix their computer. I mean, it isn’t too much, expecting people who want to go online to have a basic education about defending against viruses. But, trying to get people to know how to limit damage when their PC does become infected.

But that’s too much. People don’t seem to have any respect for their computer and download whatever they want. I mean, to say that I am the only one who knows how to fix computers in this house is one thing, but to know that noone else seems to even try to look after the computer. It makes me feel a little sorry for the poor thing.

I think the problem is being cause by online games, like free game sites. From what I understand, which may be wrong, every time you do something online, your computer needs to download some data to help get display the webpage. And the more complicated the webpage is, whether it contains games or videos, the more data has to be downloaded onto the computer to process things. From what I think I understand, is that some malware is able to be downloaded onto the PC with the data used to play and run games/videos. And because of the manner that the malware comes onto the computer, it eases past the security software, and infects the computer, often stopping the user from doing even the most simple task.

And trying to explain this too my folks, is like mission impossible. -.-

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