Hey Monday

So this is a busy start to the week.
I have surrounded myself in projects to do, probably as some sort of distraction. But I am so busy.

But the one thing that I am genuinely excited about, is learning different effects for Windows Media Maker. Until I get a better video editor, I have decided to make the best of the situation, and try to learn some skills. Skills to make my videos a little bit better.

I can hear it now ‘why spend all your time doing something you don’t get paid for’. Yeah, thanks for the everlasting support, bro. *thumbs up* It is something called a hobby, and it is something that I actually enjoy doing. Sure, most people I know in real life, think I am a weirdo and don’t understand why I do it. It’s probably the same reason why I blog, it is something I view as a fun way of expressing myself. And the Youtube community is a tight band of friends, and I like that. I tend to loiter on websites where there is a real sense of friendship.

*Thinks* I have to go, the washing machines sounds like it wants to explode.
Enjoy your day. xx

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