Today is the day where I apparently break everything I touch.

Okay, slight exaggeration, but it feels like I have broken a lot. Really, I have broken two things. But both were important to me and what I do daily. *sigh*

First, I stood on my stereo headphones, breaking them in two. I can hear you all now. ‘Well, clean up after yourself.’ That helps NOONE! Especially not me, who can’t seem to find any superglue *scratches head*

And then, I tried to set up my camera to film, and I got my good ol’ tripod out, and the top has snapped off it. It’s the bit that the camera attaches to. So I have a desktop tripod with ‘bendy legs’, so spent ages attaching the small one to the big one, so I could then attach my camera. Seriously, looked really stupid. But it worked. *thumbs up*

Yeah…the excitement of my life right now. *sigh*

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