Facebook Status Update?

I’m gonna put my hand on my heart and be honest. Facebook bores me.

You go on and get bombarded with ‘Bob likes ‘drinking till you fall over’ and other pieces of information which do not impact anything and never will.

And that is how facebook is generally. People post status updates, that end up being taken as gospel. So bitchy comments about work, could end up as disciplinary matters. Sending messages to a member of the opposite sex, could break up a relationship.

I have used various social networking sites, to vent my anger and frustrations about life in general. But as a long standing internet addict, I feel that luxury is being taken away from me. If I bitch about my work, I am letting off steam, and that’s it.

Facebook has come on the social networking landscape like a big cancerous sore. It takes what people love about social networking and has turned it into a monster. -.-

I say all this, then realise, many people will read this post from when it autoposts on Facebook. I am a big contradiction, but noone should be surprised at that revelation.

Have a good Saturday, homies. \o/

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