Battling Digital Breakdown!

AKA, trying to fix a computer, and saving it from a malware which seemed to be the most annoying fake security software EVER!!

What was happening is that there were these pop-ups, coming up on the computer, no matter what it was you were using, and they advised you of an error somewhere, and to do a security scan to fix it. You would click to do the ‘scan’ and it would take you to a page to purchase in a ‘product’ to fight these infections.

All seems above board, right?


The error messages were not the most illegible, and looked slightly different to windows error messages. But that was just the fact that the messages were less rounded than the standard error messages, and little things that most users wouldn’t pick up.
















Yes, your computer is ‘under the infections threat’. Scary stuff. *rolls eyes* Any without much searching, we soon found out that this is a malicious piece of software that effectively makes up errors. It gets users worried about the risk of their computer, so that they go and spend money on software to fix the problem. This doesn’t happen, and the details you use to pay for things, is given out to ‘third parties’, and leave you at risk of identity theft.

The big issue with this malware is, that your standard security software, will probably overlook the ‘Security Shield’ and think that it is perfectly safe. Although the software can be annoying, in that it pops up every 5 seconds, reporting some kind of fictitious fault. And it is also known for causing problems to the point of crashing your computer, and also rendering anti-virus protection as useless.

Whilst the best advice is to NEVER give your details to something that you do not know of. Because some malware is designed to look pretty damned close to legit anti-virus software. So always check the name that your alerts are under, anything that you have never heard of, delete. Better playing it safe.
I used MalwareByte to try and find Security Shield, after trying to remove it manually failed. Whilst MalwareByte found  Security Shield, and noted it as a risk, when it tried to delete it, Windows, once again failed, and I got the big blue screen of fail. At this point, it seemed like nothing would help, so I decided it was time to do a system repair.

This is an option most new Windows PCs have, where they have a partition in the harddrive which contains the ability to repair the computer, without going into Windows properly. Here, you can do things such as restore your PC to the last time it was updated, or restore straight back to factory settings. So because this malware only became an issue in the last few days, I just restored it back to an update that was made about a month ago.You do it by switching your PC on, and before you get to  the Windows Boot Screen, press f8 over and over again. This bypasses normal start-up, and puts the PC into recovery mode, where you can then restore or repair your computer.

After about 20 minutes, the computer rebooted and was A-OK!! Hooray!!

I, at the moment, have Norton, AVG and Avast! as anti-virus softwares, and I have never had any issues with viruses *touch wood*.

I have 3 on the recommendation that different security software have different flaws. So hopefully having a few, limits that chance of anything getting through the security.

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