So, I have done a little bit of re-modelling, to help wordpress be more homely. So, rather happy that it seems to all look ok. Well, for me, writing after 2am, sitting in my bed, it looks ok. *shrugs* My thoughts may be different when I am actually awake at a reasonable hour.

I guess I needed to add a little personal touch to proceedings, as this blog reaches second birthday in a few months, and it looked as bland as a boyband. Considering all I did was draw the lettering at work, and spent 5 minutes scanning it into the PC before uploading, it looks good. I think it is one of these things, the stuff you spend no time on at all, looks better than the things you spend AGES on.

I think this blog now looks a lot more organised than it did, because I am NEVER organised, so I never spent anytime on how it looked. Mostly because writing has been the only thing I have had any motivation in, AT ALL, so I never even worked on a banner. Sad times. But right now, I am back to using Photoshop on a daily basis, and am feeling so creative.

It’s such a good feeling after having nothing for so long. I go through phases of productivity, which if you have read this before, then you may have an idea of. And, although I still have periods where I can’t do anything, there are becoming more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’. Which is a relief, considering this is what I want to do with my life.

Other than working for Sky, of course. That was a life ambition. *rolls eyes*

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