Planning Plans

So operation make things work this year is happening.

And that doesn’t just about me finally getting my hotel for Glasgow booked. *bounces*. Good Charlotte on Valentine’s Day.  *jumpy jump*

++Benji Madden, Good Charlotte May 2007, photo credit—Moi++

Anyways, also been looking at flats (appartments) with Paul, because we both have decided that we need to get out of our parents houses. Although I don’t have money right now, the plan is to get more hours or a second job, so that I can afford to move out. The good thing is that i could then afford to go to the pub without having to pay money on a taxi getting home.

I know this has nothing of major interest to anybody, but it does geniunely feel like this year is going to be a good year. And, that makes me so excited. *Squee*

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