I Feel Good

Positivity is not something I have lots of, so when I do feel in the higher levels of the mood spectrum, I feel I should share it.  Mostly to show that I am capable on things other than just moaning a lot. So I feel that my odd positive days, should be embraced to the full, because it’s only fair. I mean, I seem to go on and on about my bad days, so good days should be the same. Right?

I have spent the last few days catching up on Vlogs,  Blogs and various other titbits I keep myself amused online. I have not been online as consistently as I usually am, and that leads to me falling behind on things. *facepalm* But being a dedicated ‘Internet-er’, I dedicate hours of my time getting caught up on things. And besides, hanging around on YouTube all day, is a lot more appealing than housework.  Not that tidying up is unappealing, I just would rather do anything else. *shrugs* Hey, at least I’m not kidding myself.

An update on my C.V. ? Ummm….I have all the gritty details done. I have all my qualifications and work experience typed up, just need to make it seem a little more appealing. It does look a little blah. I want to make it seem a little more creative and things. It would be nice to be able to have something that could represent my personality as well as all the boring facts. But, that just means I have to do more work on it than I actually thought. Which is a pain, but I plan to sit in on Saturday and blitz through it all. And have it ready to email off on Sunday.


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