2 weeks to prep my CV

That sounds painful, and it is.
My CV is a bit of a mess right now. Like how do I explain going from Vet Nursing to Graphic Design at college??

I just have to try and think of a way to put things positively. Like saying that at 26 I have never been on the dole, I have worked the whole time I was at college. That sounds a bit lame, but coming from where I do, a lot of people have to ‘sign on’ at least once in their life. So to me, that is a good thing.

Anyways, the CV is getting ‘worked on’ because I am applying for jobs. Be it in graphic design or not. I need a job where I can work full time hours, OR I need a daytime job. I am aiming for change this year. So am making myself do it properly.

When I get my CV update, it will appear on here, until I launch my site properly.

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