Steve Olson and Alex Olson|Boom Boom


“My Art gives contemporary art a juvenile delinquent phase. Its
self-made style icons gleefully trashed conventions of beauty and
society while pick pocketing from the coolest underground styles and
beliefs of the previous centuries…” Steve Olson

Steve Olson, a pro skateboarder in the 70s and 80s and prominent
figure in the L.A. and San Francisco Punk Rock scene, creates Post
Modern work that weaves narrative themes of capitalism, pop culture,
social decay, and modern banality with the energy and fun of early
Punk. Steve Olson’s work confronts and undermines the way society
constructs and imposes a traditional hierarchy of cultural values and
meanings by critiquing contemporary society and our relationship with
it. The artwork explores power and the way economic and social forces
exert that power by shaping the identities of individuals and culture.
Questioning the nature and extent of our freedom his art challenges
our acquiescence to authority and conventional thought.

Bold imagery, layered texture, deconstructed material and a playful
relationship between art, language and meaning gives this thoughtful
work a dimension beyond its visual impact.




Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


**I know that I am in Scotland and have no hope in going, but I am still promoting because I think this father and son exhibition, will be really good. So if you can’t see this show, I suggest you look up them both, as they are both fantastic. I have known of Steve Olson for a long time, because I liked everything about the skaters, in California in the 80s, like The Z-Boys, and Steve was a part of all that. **

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