Thinkings of 20\12

When people ask me what type of girl I am, I never know exactly what to say to them. I mean I have the answer, where I say I love music and literature, but it always sounds a bit vague for someone to get an actual idea of what I’m like.

Well, today I found the perfect way to explain me and how crazy I am. I am the kind of girl who sees typographic wrapping paper, and gets more excited than a 3 year old after too many E numbers. Yes, I got all stupid in public over cheap wrapping paper. And it was really, really cheap, 3 rolls for £1, wrapping paper.

Anyways, I am not a big fan of shopping, and Christmas is the worst time of the year for me to be in a shopping centre. I am a short tempered, no-nonsense, in shops and out again, kind of shopper. And Christmas shoppers just ruin my routine of getting things done as quick as possible. So I get more aggravated, to the point I simply wish I hadn’t bothered.
In an odd moment of anger fuelled reflection, I went into the book shop and found myself reading the nativity story in the Good News Bible. The same bible I had when I went to church as a kid. Now, I am not a person who takes religion seriously, but I can see why people look at the bible to enlighten them. I mean, how has the simple story of the birth of a baby, transformed into people forcing themselves to go shopping? Its crazy.

I get people christmas presents, because I like the idea of giving people things that they’ll treasure and need. Its not about what’s biggest or most expensive, I like the idea of getting someone a gift they will use. Unfortunately, not everyone puts that much thought into things.

But then I look on something, like wrapping paper, that I think looks awesome, and know its just going to be thrown out when the presents are opened. It is rather annoying, but I guess that’s what happens when you give things to others. *shrugs*

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