So its that time of year again.

Its fast approaching the end of November. The time of the month I was supposed to have a certain novel finished. In truth, I am in no way going to complete it in time. Though I am still going to write it. Just on my own time scale. The reasoning behind that is because I was forcing myself to write, and it was just turning to shit, and I felt like crying over it. So I left it.

So instead I have found myself focusing on CHRISTMAS. Yes, it is that time of year again.

This is something that I really shouldn’t be thinking of, as I end up just getting really moody about the whole thing. Why? Because the event which is supposed to be about family and togetherness, is about trying to buy presents that everyone will like. *le sigh*

It’s the time of year where people worsen their financial situation, just so that they can buy others gifts. People are too scared to say ‘no’. If you can’t afford to do Christmas, don’t do it, or make hand-made things. I mean one of the best presents I ever received, was a letter from a friend, and it was an account of some of his best memories of us. It meant so much to me and it’s still one of my most prized possessions. It cost him nothing to make that gift, and it means so much.

Over the years it seems that people have substituted effort with money when it comes to giving gifts to others. Why spend days making something, when you can go into a shop a few days before the BIG DAY. Uch, its relentless, and we are guilt tripped in to being this way. As if, it makes you a bad person if you don’t buy something for a decent amount of money. It doesn’t make you a bad person, and if people did stop buying each other massive presents, then it would mean that someone would be making less money, and in the current economy, no-one wants to increase someone’s suffering.

It would be a lot better, if the whole money thing was taken out of Christmas. If you want to get someone something for the holidays, you would have to make it with your own hands. And to know that someone cared about you enough to actually spend time making you something? That would make everyone feel good, and it would be something unique and special.

If only it was that easy. I gave bookmarks to some people last year, they were thrown to the side as if they were rubbish. People are way too spoiled and should appreciate all they get.

*Thinks* Rant over.

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