A big ball of what?


As you can see from the drawing here, I am feel all creative right now. And as much as I wish it had something to do with NaNoWriMo, it is all to do with me doodling at work. It has been quiet, so I have been doing small drawings, which are (supposed to be) little cartoon versions of me.


I have been trying to look for something to add onto my blogs and site and things, and it seems to me that doing a little cartoon of myself, would be perfecto.

I also managed to get a flash intro for my Vlogs, which is something I have been meaning to do for months. It is rather crap-tacular, but is something that I made, and it means I don’t have to use the stock intros on Windows Movie Maker. That is quite a point for celebration.

The Toon-Sue (as I have dubbed) is still in planning mode, but I hope she will appear on some more of my stuffs. Like my own little mascot. I like that idea.

I am away now, because I have to do mundaine thangs such as tidying up. *cough* I have put it off all day, I need to do something for it.

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