The Right To Protest

Are things really that bad, that people are turning on protesters? People who are fighting against cuts, job losses and university fee hikes. Why are these people, who are standing up for what they believe in, and they get degraded by the rest of the working class. Is it because the non-strikers are jealous that these people have the bravery to go and try to make a statement. People are too scared to do something and take responsibility.

The think that annoys me, is that the average MP in the UK has 15 aides. That is 15 office staff and publicists. Why does a man who doesn’t even bother to go to parliament and fight for who he is representing, get the chance to staff a whole office? That is not required. You can fire teachers and nurses, but the people in charge of the country can employ as many people as they want. That is not equality, that is the upper classes getting everything again.

For years, we were told that we ‘needed an education’ to be successful, during which the countries industries all left to fairer climates, where the labour was cheaper. But that’s ok, we were told ‘everyone can go to University and we will still thrive’. Now, in the year 2010, 9/10 school leavers plan to go on to some kind of further education, whereas 30 years ago 3/10 school leavers went to study more. Whilst I am all for learning, and am someone who went to college, I am a person who is sitting after spending a life in education thinking ‘now what’. There is still no industry in this country, so you find that people get their qualifications, and then can’t get a job with them.

This has led to a generation of University graduates working at McDonald’s or getting benefits, with school kids being pushed to university. So you have a person early 20s, with sometimes NO work experience, trying to get a job with a piece of paper which has done nothing but get them in debt. Now they are trying to scale back on Universities and Colleges, but there is no alternative for kids who don’t go to college. Work in a shop or work in a call centre. That’s it, there are no more factories for people to work in, all the production for things have gone to countries like India. This has all been done in the last 20 years, and nothing was done. People sat back and watched as factories closed and people were made unemployed.

Sounds familiar? Yes because this is something that has intensified again over the last few years, with companies using ‘the recession’ as an excuse to axe whole workforces. But this time people are getting angry, and they should be. People should feel the need to support their striking brothers and sisters. If you don’t support the fellow working man, then what happens is the businesses and the government continue to run the country with your money.

And the funny thing? This whole job issue started with the Conservative party banning Trade Unions, destroying the working persons’ right to protest any change in the workplace. The Conservatives then blame Labour for the mess, and seem to forget that they set the ball rolling. Social housing is another big thing, as we have a shortage in the UK of affordable rental properties. Good ol’ Maggie Thatcher and her cronies allowed people to buy their Council Houses, a practice which was only stopped in the last year or so. This helped people get on the property ladder, and made it a necessity that everyone had to own their home. The catalyst for this was the money it would bring into the ecconomy. Now we have no Council houses as they are all owned by private tenants. And the people who struggle have to rent privately, which cost more.

It’s always the same people who seem to suffer, and to stop that, those who can, should protest.


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