Go Go Nerdfighter

When you read the word ‘Nerdfighter’ are you nodding with some understanding of what I am talking about, or are you thinking that I am a lunatic making up words again?

Nerdfighters is the official name for a group of self-proclaimed nerds who fight “world suck”.
The term was coined by author John Green and his brother Hank, who started up a vlog in means of contacting each other, where they made a video every day. They started to get a large following, inspiring a large volume of people (including myself) to create a vlog. Basically the brothers started an internet group, for their fans, to combat badness in the world.

Although John gets a lot of attention from his books (Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Catherines and Paper Towns), I can honestly say I haven’t read them yet. But I did start following the brothers on youtube, which is what introduced me to the whole idea of Nerdfighters. I is something which I think is pure awesome.

Ok, so yeah. Online geekery is what is keeping one occupied right now. *shrugs* Can’t help it.


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