Harry Potter And The Blabberings Of Sue

I decided to do a vlog on Harry Potter.
Mostly because I am reading Deathly Hallows before I go see the new movie. 🙂

So, why am I fangirling on here again? Well, Harry Potter has the biggest online fan communitiy on the web. And I am not kidding. A lot of my interests in youtube come from the Harry Potter Fandom, as I used to watch channels all the time from other people on the community. Youtube has helped raise my confidence a lot, and it has also gave me experience at making my own videos.

So, the thanks for all that, goes to Harry Potter. Also, I think, that if you are having issues, then I think that it helps that you can talk it through with different people. I have people who I go out with, people I work, HP people and GCFam members. Each different group tends to have different veiws on things. I think that is really good, and helps you gage opinions better.

And honestly, these days, most of the people I speak to online, I have never met in real life. But I feel more understood than I ever have done before.

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