Money made?

I’m sure everybody reading this has had poor service at one time or another. But what is it that makes the service so poor?

Most of the time its because customers aren’t fully informed. People feel that they aren’t always told the correct information, when they speak to a company. Surely that is ridiculous, how can you give the money you earned to a company you don’t trust?

But nowadays, people are forced to accept these problems, as they HAVE to deal with companies. For instance, it is no longer possible for you not to have a bank account, whether you are on the dole, get a pension or work. Because money is now deposited automatically and controlled by the banks, and other companies. Too many people in this country never get to see a penny they have earned, because money is paid in and out of their bank account without them doing anything. We are forced into having bank account, because that’s how everything is done these days.

What about the people who don’t agree with the banks and how they act. There is no opt out. The banks earn millions of pounds day for looking after OUR MONEY. How is that fair? How is that looking after people? And to make things worse, you have issues and a change of circumstances, and you are punished with charges on your money. The banks run the world, because WE fund them.

I think that the economic crash, which has been going on for the last few years. The banks poor invested OUR money, lost it all, and the economy crashed. So you would think that governments would learn, and would give people more choice. But no, if anything they want to increase peoples’ reliance on the banks. That will not solve anything long term, and eventually there will be another crash.

We need to find a stable, better model for our society to run off. It is something that would take years, even decades to sort out, and I don’t even l know where we could go. Just it is obvious that the current model hasn’t worked, so we should look at something else to make our country successful, rather than just money.

But that is something that businesses and governments need to decide. Due to how society is now operated, a single person no longer has the choice to operate ‘cash in hand’. How is it correct that people are not allowed to take full control of their own money. If we can sort that out, I believe a lot of other things will follow.

To view more views on the state of our world, visit adbusters.

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