Rebellion 2010 —A Playlist

I have been talking to a lot of people about my experiences in Blackpool at Rebellion festival. With the type of festival that it is, other than a few bands, most people have never heard of a lot of the bands. Well, people I know, don’t know the music I listen to.

So as a way, of spreading the love for the music that I enjoy, so I have created a playlist for the bands I have been raving about seeing at the festival. It’s full of 14 of my favourite bands of the weekend.

1-Slaughter & The Dogs- Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
2-The King Blues- Save The World, Get The Girl
3-The Aggrolites- Dirty Reggae
4- Sonic Boom Six- City Of Theives
5- Radio Dead Ones- Take It On Trust
6- Stiff Little Fingers- Johnny Was
7- Big D & The Kids Table- L.A.X.
8- Goldblade- Strictly Hardcore
9- UK Subs- Stranglehold
10- GBH- Race Against Time
11- Discharge- Realities Of War
12- Bad Religion- I Want To Conquer The World
13- Subhumans- Mickey Mouse Is Dead
14- Gallows- In The Belly Of A Shark

I have built this playlist over on Spotify, so check it out:

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