What Makes A Fan

So, think you’re a fan?

If the answer is yes, whether it be music, sport or anything, then you would have most likely been told that you aren’t a real fan. Sucks don’t it? Who are they to decide you aren’t a fan?

Shouldn’t it be as simple as you are a fan, as long as you like a particular thing. But, things are never that simple.

I think it is another case of people liking to put themselves on a higher peg than other fans. Almost as if that makes them a bigger fan, because they say that you are not so good as them.

I can think about this in two ways, in which that happens to me.

First, is the Good Charlotte fandom. No matter how much you buy or go and see the band, someone will always try to out-do you. People seem very quick to dismiss other GC fans. We take pride in calling ourselves a big family, but some people seem to be spiteful about that. Its like, ‘I don’t visit GC.com, cause its filled with posers’. Yes, I have actually heard that. People refusing to go to the bands actual site, as if doing so gets them some kind of merit badge.

The way I look at it, the fandom (whatever the subject) is there to act like a community for the fans. So it should allow people to express themselves. And as long as you don’t say anything negative, you can express yourself. The moment you say something against what one of the band members has done, you are immediately told you are not a fan. This isn’t how a family should react. I do believe that its just people trying to heighten their self-importance.

Another area where I have felt this superiority complex, is the punk scene itself. As soon as I declare my love for the afore mentioned band, I get told I know nothing about punk. No matter what bands I have gone to see, or who I listen to, one band makes me not punk.

That’s the issue with punk, there’s too many idiot elitists, who believe the only true punk is that of the 70s and 80s, and that anyone who is under 30 and a part of the scene is a poser. I find this ignorant, I mean I doubt that punk festivals like Rebellion (where I am now) would be here, if there wasn’t young blood going into the scene. I think that a lot of the original punks, don’t want the scene to change, and just reject anything new. There is a few ignorant teenagers who feel they know all about punk, and say punk is dead. I say its ignorant, because I don’t think the mindset of punk, will never die. People are always trying to better themselves and make things happen. Maybe it’s just something I pick up from punk *shrugs* But I have talked about that before.

So. What’s the moral of the story? Like what you like, fuck everyone else!

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