Well, I decided that this summer wouldn’t be all the usual me in front of a PC thing, and have decided to try and do things with people. Ok people, is Gemma, and ‘doing things’ is us doing anything to stop us dying of boredom. Yes, I know, not the levels of ‘high activity’ I previously talked about. But, I guess I can be a little bit lax on myself, seeing as I am on holiday from work next week. Once I have that out of the way, it will be easy to focus on work. *cough*

Anyway, one of the things that we decided to do, was to go on a drive to somewhere we hadn’t been before. So we decided on Loch Lomond. Let me tell you something, it is so beautiful. Makes me really lucky to live in Scotland. I think I touched on this on a previous post, but I don’t think people appreciate where they live. I mean, so many people I talk to want to live in LA or London, and I think as nice as those places are, it cant beat being able to visit scenic places and walk through the counrtyside. You can see places where people work with nature, rather than just destroying it. I will add the pictures later, seeing as I am struggling to get the pictures off my phone.

Anyways, hope everyone has a nice week.

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