Over Stressed

Today started off well. I went into college and did work on my Graded Unit. Was actually quite chuffed, cause I did a lot. Actually did about 12 pages of developement work. Which made me rather happy, and totally motivated about the project. So was happy, and for a change felt I had spent time in college well.

That was untill I went to Web Design, and completely wanted to cry. The class was so noisy, and something as simple as adding a contact form onto a website, did not work. *sigh* So I ended up in a two hour class, and the only outcome was that I wanted to kill myself :/

So I finished this afternoon, totally dejected and just wanted to go home.  Then, to top off my feeling of uselessness, I lost my bus pass. As in, I had it this morning, and now its gone. Where the issue is, that I have no money, and can’t afford to go to either college or work. *sigh*

So I have such a headache cause of all this, and I just want to cry, everytime someone asks how I am doing.

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