Riot Graphics’ Progress

After months of being static in where I want to go, with my work. I am now offically starting Riot Graphics as a business. 

I know what you’re thinking, ‘so what have you been doing this past year’. Well, to be honest, I have been trying the name out, and seeing what people think of it. And it has seen some good feedback and interest. Also, I have been at college *cough*. Seriously, I have. 😛

What has started this, is that the clothing store I was in contact with, has contacted me saying that whilst they like my designs, they are not going to be able to print out the designs themselves. So, this means that I would have to pay for printing and send some prototypes, so that they can see what they look like.

To get these prototypes, I am going to have to order them from an online source. Which involves me sending them the designs, and them printing them for me. Ideally, I would love to screenprint them, but that is not going to be workable, given the amount of time that I have. Which is not very much, at all.

So, I am starting work on my business plan, and am going to start pricing up different resources which I will need. A business plan, shows what your company is, and where you expect it to be within the next year. You need to estimate turnover, and sort out taxes. It seems very complicated, and after reading over things, it seems like it is complicated. But you know what, the prospect of people paying for my work, is my motivation for this. I am so ready for this, can’t bare college for another year.

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