Weekend Thinking

Ok, I thought that someone, somewhere decided that weekends were supposed to be relaxing. Well, NEWS FLASH, it’s not.

I seem to be doing this thing right now, where I just stress myself out over nothing. Which is so unlike me *rolls eyes* So I have been stressing out, on how my internet seems to be falling in and out of connection, like nothing on earth. Which I can normally live with. But when I am trying to upload a video to youtube, especially when there are issues with the uploader. So yeah,been going kinda shouty at the computer for that.

Aside from that, I have been updating things. Also been shouting at Tumblr, as it has decided that it doesn’t want to do things my way, and just balls up everything I do. In retrospect, it may be me who is malfunctioning and not the site, but I like being able to blame something else. Makes me feel better about my failure.

Good news, a talk to my mum today, kinda helped me decided that I may start freelancing alongside my pay-job. Because I am getting interest in relation to my work. Basically, how it is right now, is that I am doing a lot of work for myself and I am really enjoying it. I have been told reccently, that I have a good writing style, though I do blabber on a bit. But writing was something which came into my head when I was at school. But at the time I wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse or an Artist. And here I am, aged 26 looking to start of a business as a graphic designer.

But due to the popularity in online blogs and journalism, I could see that in my future? I don’t know. The one thing is, the comments about my writing has got me really considering things like that. But, I know that through the last year or so, since I really got back into blogging, I know that my grammar has approved 100%. And I have also picked up touch-typing, which was one thing I couldn’t do at school. I have no idea where I picked it up. To be honest, I think its because, right now, I seem to spend half my life in front of a computer, be it at work, college or at home.

I guess I just have a LOT of thinking to do. I mean, do I get myself working 9-5 trying to kick-start Riot Graphics? It seems like a good root, as I have a lot of pathways I could go down. Fingers crossed. The thing is, I don’t know how I will act being self-employed. I really don’t know if I have the discipline to do that without having it planned out for me.

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