Workity Work Work


Here I am, actually attempted to kick start my motivation again. And I am doing so with my Art & Design project. I am going to be honest, in the space of a month in a half since my last relevent update, I have done virtually no work.

I know, I know. Its really, really bad. *scolds herself*

I have attenpted more research, but I’m still not done. So I am attempting to get it all done this afternoon, and start getting a bit more excited about this project. Because right now, I have not put the time into it, so right now I feel nothing towards it.

Which is making it so much harder to get anything done. So, I am decided, that today is going to be about making myself do this work, and hopefully get more attatched to it. I mean, if I can get excited about it, it would be a lot easier.

Also, I was looking over some old sketch book, and these seem to have really inspired me, to get things done with this. Because I used to pick up influences from everywhere, and it really helped me with my work. I really need to start that again. So I went and bought a book, which will be used as a scrapbook/diary. Which is something I haven’t done in years.

So Fingers crosses it all works.

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