It’s Suesday

Still oh so very hyper.

I woke up his morning to loads of comments from twitter, people were trying to wake me up. Now, this was at about 5am, and if you know me, you know that time of the morning is a no-go area for me. Well I logged on to see that both Benji and Joel had tweeted about my thank-you thread I started on the Good Charlotte website. Now this  contained a video of  me crying like a child, because I was having an ’emo’ day, and wanted to thank the band. 

I sat staring at the apple mac screen in awe. I had no idea this had happened. And overnight, the views for my video went from 106 to way over 300.



Check this out. Pretty F-in cool.

  aww sweetes thing ever #GCFAM RULES
That’s right, my hero, Benji Madden called the thread and video I made, the sweetest thing ever. *squee* Now, I know that this is supposed to be a creative/ college blog, but I felt that because this is SUCH a big deal to me, I thought I’d share. I mean, I need to show my personality through my blogs, and this is a part of my crazy side.
And I say that as if I have a normal side 😛

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