I <3 Monday

Today is a good day.

As in the best day I have had in aggggeeeessss.

A while ago, I submitted t-shirt designs to a few shops and online. Just because I hate the idea of stuff I like, lying around doing nothing, so I just sent them off in a PDF to see what would happen. Well a company (not going to name names incase it goes tits-up) in Edinburgh, got back to me and were intrested about purchasing the designs to sell. Also a company called threadless, have emailed me to say there is a real chance they could be selling two different designs.


I am so happy and hyper and generally I am a big shouty mess. I am so excited. Even if this doesn’t go well, I at least have some experience at meeting actual proper clients. I don’ t think I have ever been so excited, and so proud of my work. If I wasn’t at work I would post something, but I am at work, your not seeing anything.

Alllssssoooo, been asked to contribute to a new Scottish Punk fanzine which is starting in the next few weeks. Which will be so much fun. I am getting some MP3s sent through via email to review. YAY!

And I am going to write an article to be submitted for Sky’s internal customer service newsletter. I don’t know whether that will go through.

ANNNNNNDDDDD, I am writing a 10,000 word fiction for a competition.

And that is all without even touching my college work.

I don’t know the meaning of over-work obviously.

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