Barbie Girl

Ok for my animation ‘e card’, I am creating a small animation for a holiday of my choice, and I am choosing Beltaine. Its a Wiccan festival of fire, which happens every spring. I have read into it, and it seems to be way of getting nature to allow crops to grow, etc.

Anyway, I was initially going to hand draw the animation, which was to have a witchy person casting spells, with sparks everywhere as the magic was cast. I came across a road block because I can’t seem to be able to draw what I want. 😦 I was not happy. Sooo….. I went and bought a barbie, with the idea of animating it like Stop motion. 

So the plan is to photograph all parts of the doll, import them into photoshop, where I can then edit them, so that the doll can wear what I want it to.

Also planning a trip through to see if there are any exhibitions in Edinburgh, going through with Paul. I like art galleries and I never get to go. So hooray for that.

Also hooray for the awesome-ness of Links Market in Kirkcaldy.

Life is good.

Sometimes. 🙂 xx

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