So…..still kind of ill 😦 I had the flu last week, and I am now suffering from the cold. I was getting at the stage where I thought I was getting better, and into a ‘swing’ with things, I just end up wanting to lie in bed all day and do nothing.

So, not in the best working situation right now, and it’s noone’s fault bar mine.  I have two weeks off coming up, and going to spend all my time working on my projects. Its a lot of work, but I should be ok.  The plan is to blitz my projects one-by-one, and get them all up to date. I am falling behind, again, and I need to stop blaming other things.

Its MY work, so it’s MY responsibility to get it done.

I can do my own work no problem, but its this whole concept on getting my creativity to work on a schedule. I suppose that’s why I am in college, to learn how to do things like that. To be honest, that is the hardest thing to do, as I work well to my own timescales, but as soon as someone else gives me a schedule to work off, I just come to a stop. Its like I can’t be creative to someone else’s demands. Again, it’s just learning that, I suppose.

See me and my rebellious creativity XD

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