Tuesday Tuna?

Ok I couldn’t think of anything to go with Tuesday. lol

I stayed behind cause I decided that I would do some college work. Well, guess what, I’m obviously not.  The most productive I  have got is demoloshing this packet of Hula Hoops I am demolishing. -.- Oh well. Decided because I am working later, and the copy and paste fucntion at work is rather sucky, I am gonna do my blogging here, at college. What? At least its better than wasting more of my time on blasted Bejewelled.

I am becoming known as the most frequent blogger in college, mostly because I am the only one who does it. *eye roll* I think I do it way too much, personally, but I can’t help it when I like to write shit.  I already talk enough useless garbage, so I don’t think the peeps in my life would appreciate it if I  times that by ten. I love college, and I don’t mind work either, but I have a lot of gumpf in my head, that wants to escape. So rather than spew it all on the beautiful peoples around me, I blog.  *thinks* I am truely sorry for the visual that may have produced.


Also Meme time—

It’s November and this month is about giving thanks, tell us a few of the musical things that you are thankful for, be it albums, shows you’ve seen, electronics you’ve bought etc. Whatever has made your musical life better in the last year.

Seriously, probably SS Kaliert. I really got into Deustch Punk  in the last year, and this was the band that got me into that whole scene. Have been to see them twice, and they are the nicest bunch of guys. Its always a great experience meeting one of your favourite bands, when they are so nice.


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