But I can’t help but feel that the weekend is very boring when you are restricted in the cashflow situation.

It means a weekend of me, in the house, bored out my face. I can prove that I can live on no money, seeing as I have lived on nothing since I came back from Blackpool. But as soon as I get any money, its gone within a week. And its always the same, every month. I have no voice in my head telling me not to spend that money, so it just burns an almighty hole in my pocket. Which kinda freaks me out about this next dose of wages. It is looking to be almost double pay, and I need to pay all my bills when I get money. Credit cards first. Credit cards should come with a warning that they are hazardous to one’s health. I mean you think they are giving you extra options, but they all want you to spend a fortune so that you can pay endless amounts of interest. Its all a con. And the banks are the same. The take 3 days before and 3 days after any dates you ask for a payment to be taken out, to process the thing. This could mean that they will take the payment out 3 days earlier than you ask for. Which may end up with you being charged, for having no money in your bank. The only good financal thing which has happen lately, is the fact that SAAS told me that I am able to get a loan. Which gives me about an extra £300 a month. Which has its negatives, I mean thats more money to burn a bigger hole. But, if i pay all my bills first, then the rest of the money is mine. Which is what I should do every month, but for some odd reason I don’t. The lack of art mentioning in my reccent blogs, should tell you how motivated I am. Well, I seem to spend all my time at home playing Sonic or watching Red Dwarf. As sad as that sounds. Also being doing some looking around websites, for clothes for a sea themed party I am going to in October. I found this Horrorpops striped shirt which had a skull and crossbones on it. It looked so cool, but it was out of stock, and no other website has it. Very irritating

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