Kind of, not…

Oh, I was so motivated the last few days. What happened?

No progress has been made today at all on anything (other than Guitar Hero). I have got ideas, I mean I did think about a banner for my graphics portfolio website Scott is making for me, from my plans. I’m doing it all DIY with hand drawn logos and such, which is very me. So I am thinking about what kind of work represents me, which is a hell of a lot better than what I have been doing lately.

I mean I have to face my Crucible project tomorrow, which I have decided I hate. You can pinpoint at exactly which point in the project I lost interest, because it all goes very bland and boring. I mean,  I have never produced a piece of work which is 100% digital, usually its arty and messy, with it being finished on the computer. But alas, me, in my panicing state, rushed everything, and ended up with a very boring keyhole idea. Which is something, but it communicates nothing. Rather than advertising a play about witches, it looks like something for ‘Through the Keyhole’.

But thats what happens when you need to get ideas, with zero motivation.

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Freelance designer, blogger, retro rebel, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw and music enthusiast. I am trying to get myself established in the creative field as a Graphic designer. After a bit of a creative block, I am trying to be as creative as I can. This helps me find a sense of being, and has helped me become settled within myself.

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