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Stealing Prompts

So, 2019 has been very quiet on here. I have fallen out of creating very much online. And I feel so suffocated as a result. So, I have been browsing the internet looking for prompts, to help get my mind … Continue reading

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Pure Ragin’

Do you ever get hit with a wave of anger? One where you just seem to get irrationally angry. Which makes you want to shout and get irrationally angry at nothing. When I get like that, how I feel seems … Continue reading

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Round And Round

I am finding life rather monotonous right now. I know, that not every day can be super exciting and fun, but it is routine that I find boring. It sounds daft, but day-to-day life can get boring. And it is … Continue reading

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Aye, sound…

I saw this prompt and had to write something. Mostly, because most of the entries I read, relating to this post, were about music or something of that ilk. I read ‘sound’, and thought of the title above. Where I … Continue reading

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Everyone has a level of strength within them. Something that gives them a certain level of capacity in dealing what whatever life has to throw at them. Different people are able to deal with different levels of things. Like some … Continue reading

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Going Underground

Music is something that has helped me get through my life. I like, that how music can be a journey of discovery. That different songs can make you think about different things, and can even change your outlook on things. … Continue reading

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Away For A Hike

Not really at the moment, it is a bit late. But in general I love going for a walk. I think it is a really great way to escape the pressures of life. Not that my life has a lot … Continue reading

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