Finding the positive, out of the negative

So I am sick. Again. But this time the headaches got so bad, I couldn’t even look at my phone or the TV. So last night was spent in bed, with nothing on to irritate my headache even more. Which worked till I had to cough. The coughing has been the main problem that I have had over the last few months. But some new medication, will hopefully put a stop to it.

The one thing that feeling this lousy has done, has challenged my new positive mental attitude outlook for 2016.  Because when you feel like death warmed up, the last thing you want to do is be happy about it. The best thing I could do was try and do stuff to make me feel better. Most of these things were done as I started to feel a little better.

  1. Cleaned up a little, because of my lack of energy, everything has just been tossed to the floor. So I put all the used tissues and such into the bin. Which helped me feel a bit useful, because I hate feeling like I can’t do anything.
  2. Watched The Hills. I always have held a soft spot for the first few seasons of The Hills, and it’s one of the few reality TV shows I can stand. So once my headaches started to calm down, I plonked on The Hills season 1, and enjoyed some mindless TV.
  3. Breathing in steamed water. Was recommended for me to help clear out my blocked up sinuses. And it actually has helped me feel better. It helped me breath easier, and also calmed down my coughing. For a little while, at least.
  4. Listening to Spotify. Not too loudly, but music is something that always helps relax me.

It is going to take at least a few days for me to feel better. I am currently sitting on my bed, coughing every few minutes and running a temperature. But, I came online to check for a few emails I was waiting for, and felt like writing some nonsense.

I suck at being sick.

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