H2O Go!

One of the things I have always struggled with is fizzy drinks. If I am out, I grab a bottle of Diet Coke. The thing is, it isn’t a planned choice. My purchase is based on a habit that I have had since my school days. 

I have been having a problem over the last few months with my throat. It’s a cough that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Over the last week the bubbles in fizzy drinks (as well as menthol) has started making my throat super irritated. So i have resorted to drinking loads of water, one of the very few things that eases my coughing. 

This is something that is certainly not going to harm me. And it is already making me feel better, as well as pee a lot. The good thing is that I am going into shops and the fizzy juice isn’t what i pick up. Because the dreaded throat tickle can strike at any moment, I started to go around with a bottle of water, which is also saving me some money too. 

Hopefully it will also help me kick the Diet Coke habit for good. 

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